Money Diary: 29th January – 4th February

Throughout 2018, I will be tracking every last penny I spend, and sharing it here weekly. I’m a (late) twenty-something lady, living in the North of England with my Other Half, commonly referred to as OH. I travel regularly for work, and often spend more time on the motorway than in my own home, which can often account for my fluctuating Car Expenses and entirely random Grocery costs!  By the end of the year, I’m hoping to have a better overview of where my money goes to each month, and have a realistic retirement savings plan in place (as well as the many other savings plans I have in my head, but you can read more about that here). You can also read the full series (so far) of my money diaries here. I’ve built myself a personal money tracker spreadsheet, I am armed with my bank statements, a weekly budget worksheet and a monthly budget worksheet and I am ready to rock!*!

(*Input data)


Where did that week go to?! It’s flown by!

Another busy one in work for me with a few events, meaning looong days. On the plus side, it means I’ve less time to spend my hard earned cash.

The first few days of the month are a busy one for bills, with my mortgage, gas and electricity payments due. So this weeks total spend is high, but the vast majority is bill. I split all regular bills with OH, he sends me half each month. I’ve included the total amounts in my money diaries, but am also including his payment to me in my income so it evens out.

The Breakdown:

Bills: £523

Groceries: £0 – As I’ve mentioned before, OH tends to pick up most of our bits in the week as he passes the supermarket on the way home from work. I usually do a Big Shop on Sunday, but I worked late this Saturday night so basically couldn’t be arsed. I succumbed to a takeaway last night and went shopping today instead!

Expenses/Car Expenses: £0 – I filled my diesel last week and usually get 450-500 miles out of a full tank. I’m due a refill in the next couple of days.

Lunch: £15.85

Entertainment: £13.84 – boring week!

Clothes: £0 – I desperately need to replace my favourite jeans (with the exact same pair from Topshop, Leigh, if you’re interested!) and did try today but they had none in stock. Crotch holes are beginning to appear.

Toiletries: £0 – still amazed by how much stuff I seem to have stocked up on without realising!

Takeaways: £21.98 – See: Couldn’t be arsed grocery shopping yesterday.

Travel: £0

Misc: £0

Total: £574.67

I’m pretty happy with this, especially the lack of “misc” expenses. I feel like this means I have been pilfering away less loose change on shit I don’t need!

I’m anticipating a much more expensive week this week, as I’ve already done one big shop, REALLY need to buy some new jeans, and need to refill my diesel. I’m also working in my office 3 days this week so lets be realistic, I will probably cave and have a fancy toastie for lunch at least once or twice!

How is everyone else getting on with their goals for the year?

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