Money Diaries: March 26th – April 1st - Money Diaries April 1st

Throughout 2018, I will be tracking every last penny I spend, and sharing it here weekly. I’m a (late) twenty-something lady, living in the North of England with my Other Half, commonly referred to as OH. I travel regularly for work, and often spend more time on the motorway than in my own home, which can often account for my fluctuating Car Expenses and entirely random Grocery costs!  By the end of the year, I’m hoping to have a better overview of where my money goes to each month, and have a realistic retirement savings plan in place (as well as the many other savings plans I have in my head, but you can read more about that here). You can also read the full series of my money diaries here. I’ve built myself a personal money tracker spreadsheet, I am armed with my bank statements and a monthly budget spreadsheet and I am ready to rock!*

(*Input data)


You may have noticed that I’m a day late with my Money Diaries this week! Unfortunately, due to a minor tree-climbing incident, I spent most of yesterday with my wrist on ice.

A stark reminder that I am actually 29, not 9.


Anyway, a quick trip to the doctor this morning confirms I am slightly overreacting, and with the help of a support bandage, it should be back to normal in a week or so! Quite a long time considering a lot of my job involves typing and driving…we’ll see how that goes!

Before that happened, I’d had a lovely weekend! With last week being a 4 day working week, it flew in, and Friday was spent getting all of the dull household chores out of the way.

On Saturday, myself & OH did The Big Shop ahead of cooking a huge roast dinner for some friends on Sunday, then went out for a long walk. Sunday diner was a tonne of fun, it was nice to catch up with some friends we don’t see very often.


Weekly Spending Review: The Breakdown

Bills: £510 – My mortgage and apartment service charge were both paid this week. This leaves me with less than £300 of regular bills to pay this month.


Groceries: £48.71 – This week, with doing The Big Shop just before hosting Easter dinner, I did a totally rubbish shop. You know when you spend a small fortune at the grocery store, then get home and realise you actually can barely prepare a single meal with what you’ve bought?


I was so focused on what I was picking up for hosting, that I didn’t really take the time to plan our normal meals for the week! Major fail.


Expenses/Car Expenses: £4 – Just one day of travelling this week, for a couple of meetings. I was only around 70 miles from home so no overnight stays, and I still haven’t had to fill up my diesel!

It’s been a fairly quiet month for work travel, particularly the past two weeks.

This will end up having an effect on my income in April, as I claim a high mileage allowance which tops up my salary.

The £4 covers a toll road charge on my commute.


Lunch: £8 – I spent a couple of days in my office this week, and this was the cost of my lunch and a coffee for myself & a colleague one day.

The other day I had a lunch meeting with a large advertising company who are currently fishing for some business, so that one was their treat!


Entertainment: £48.99 – I had expected this to be much higher with the bank holiday weekend, but I’ve managed to be quite frugal really! I was also pretty boring midweek, so that helped too!

The weather has picked up and it’s been dry at least, so we were able to get out for a long walk over the weekend rather than spending money on indoor activities.


I’ve counted the money I spent buying food for my Easter Sunday dinner as entertainment too, rather than groceries. As I had friends round I was literally “entertaining”…

This accounted for around £30. As well as this, we stopped off on our walk for a couple of glasses of wine in the cutest little country pub. Ok, ok, I did say we’d not spent money on indoor activities, but this was well deserved!


Clothes: £0

Toiletries: £0

Takeaways: £0

Travel: £0


Misc: £3.67 – As I spend so much time in my car and in hotels, I always keep a case of bottled water in the boot. It’s so grim getting into a hotel room late at night and realising the tap water in undrinkable and you have to pay an extortionate minibar charge for some water!

I picked up a couple of these as I was running low.


Total: £623.37

To be Returned on Expenses: £4

Actual Spends: £619.37


I feel like the most frugal woman on earth this week! (setting aside my failed grocery trip!)

Obviously my overall outgoings are pretty high, but over £500 was bills, and means my biggest outgoings for the month are out of the way.


How did you spend your Easter weekend? Shoutout to anyone who had to go to work, that is usually me, but this year, the whole weekend unintentionally ended up event-free!


Also, sidenote, having become quite obsessed with more international blogs recently, I’m really appreciating our NHS much more! My doctors trip didn’t cost me a penny, I did have to pay for my own bandage from the chemist next door, but that was only £6.




2 thoughts on “Money Diaries: March 26th – April 1st

  1. You spent only 8 on lunch and coffee?! OMG! I bought my boss and myself a cup of coffee this morning, and it was $5 bucks. Can’t believe the access to cheap eats you have! I know pounds are different than dollars, but that still sounds impressive 🙂
    Do you and OH spilt your apt bills and mortgage? 500 in housing sounds pretty cheap, makes me want to pack my bags and move there!!!


    1. Food is SO cheap in the area my office is in, it’s the painfully cool warehouse-turned-artsy side of town, so when cafes first opened, they basically had to cater for the broke artist. Thankfully that’s never changed!
      Also, yes we do split our bills, although this is our full cost, as he transfers a set amount to me each month to cover all bills. Our minimum mortgage payment is only £340, which is like €475, the rest is a regular overpayment. To be fair, even for the area we live in, that’s on the cheap end of the scale!


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