Money Diaries: 23rd – 29th April - Money Diaries April 29th

Throughout 2018, I will be tracking every last penny I spend, and sharing it here weekly. I’m a (late) twenty-something lady, living in the North of England with my Other Half, commonly referred to as OH. I travel regularly for work, and often spend more time on the motorway than in my own home, which can often account for my fluctuating Car Expenses and entirely random Grocery costs!  By the end of the year, I’m hoping to have a better overview of where my money goes to each month, and have a realistic retirement savings plan in place (as well as the many other savings plans I have in my head, but you can read more about that here). You can also read the full series of my money diaries here. I’ve built myself a personal money tracker spreadsheet, I am armed with my bank statements and a monthly budget spreadsheet and I am ready to rock!*

(*Input data)


I have never been more excited to share my money diaries than I am this week!

Despite having a busy one with family visiting early in the week, and then me travelling back home to Ireland for the weekend, I have barely spent anything!


After flying home on Thursday, I had a fairly quiet weekend, it was my grandads birthday so much of the weekend was spent chilling with him and being treated by my Mam to lunches out. The weather has been a welcome change, Ireland is beautiful when the sun is shining, by contrast, when it rains, there is VERY little to do…in my neck of the woods, anyway.


I went for a hike up the mountain near my house, which I used to spend my childhood summers running around on, that was a nice blast from the past and didn’t cost a penny. We brought a picnic lunch and spent the whole day enjoying the sunshine.


My family also played host to some cyclists over the weekend, who were taking part in the All Ireland Cycle Against Suicide. That was probably my favourite thing about the weekend, it was heartwarming to see so many people out raising money for such a good cause, and the least we could do was give them a bit of dinner and a bed for the night.

A great night’s craic was had by all!


I can bang on about how little I spent all week, but let’s get down to the nitty gritty….what did I spend?


Weekly Spending Review – The Breakdown:

Bills: £14.16 – Not much to pay out, just a small payment on a loan I took out to replace my boiler just before Christmas. We paid for half upfront, but as it was exceptionally expensive, we opted to pay the rest on an interest free payment plan.

Generally, I am entirely against adding anything like this to my monthly outgoings and prefer to pay everything upfront where possible, but this is such a small amount, and really helped us out when we needed it. Around the same time, we also had to spend some serious dosh fixing our car, isn’t it Murphy’s Law, it would have to all come at once!


Groceries: £5.48 – After spending a pretty obscene amount of money last weekend on groceries, I’m not surprised this is so low. I had myself well stocked up for the family visiting early in the week, and then was away from Thursday, so didn’t need to buy anything more. This was just a few bits and pieces for my granny’s house, bread, milk and some sandwich bits.

After having my flight delayed coming back to England yesterday, I am in no mood for doing a big shop any day soon, so will probably just make do with the small store near my house for our dinners this week.


Expenses/Car Expenses: £0 – I had 3 days off work last week, and a work from home day, so didn’t have the opportunity to rack up expenses. I have also (finally) got my hands on the company credit card details, so this should cut this category down quite a bit going forward. It means I can use it when buying bits online, but will still have to use my own cards when buying in store or for any car expenses.


Lunch: £9 – Extortionately expensive airport Starbucks – cheese toastie and a small coffee. You know this would cover two days worth of lunch if I was in a normal cafe!


Entertainment: £29.34 – Despite having a busy but quiet weekend while back at home, I always manage to squeeze in a lunch or dinner with my best friends. This time round, we had a Sunday lunch out.

We’ve got our particular spot we go to, one of my friends is vegan, and believe me, that is no easy task when living in a tiny town in Ireland. Since we found this one place locally which actually has a vegan menu (as opposed to just giving you the veggie option without the cheese), we have stuck with it!

We ended up getting a great deal, as this included 2 courses and a bottle of wine (yes, I did drink a full bottle of wine at Sunday lunchtime, no I do no regret it, and yes, I did then have to go home and cook a full roast for the cyclist arriving that evening)


Clothes: £0 – Often, when I’m visiting home, I can end up spending quite a bit on clothes…My granny is a demon for the shopping, she would give Gok Wan a run for his money! She is definitely my go-to shopping partner and I can safely say she has picked out every single nice outfit or item of clothing that I own. Luckily, this weekend we were just too busy to get in to town so my wallet has thanked me for that one…


Toiletries: £0 – Another area I usually spend in when I visit home, as I only ever travel with hand luggage so cant take any of my liquid deodorant/shampoo/shower gel. Last time I was back, I stocked up and literally had to hide it all in a drawer, otherwise by the next time I’m back, someone else, my Mam, aunts or cousins have used it all!


Takeaways: £0 – I did have a Chinese from my absolute favourite takeaway of all time while I was at home, but my Mam treated me to that one


Travel: £13 – Just my Uber to the airport on Thursday, as my flights were already accounted for last month or so. My Dad picked me up from the airport, he must have been feeling guilty after all the running around I do for him when he visits me (I say visits me, I mean comes to stay in my house and use me as a taxi service when he wants to go to a football match) so that saved me a few pennies.


Misc: £0


Total: £70.98

To be Returned on Expenses: £0

Actual Spends: £70.98


I’ll give you a minute to pick yourself up off the floor, as you have surely fallen off your seat with amazement at how little money I have spent this week!


I don’t envisage this week being much more expensive, I didn’t spend much yesterday with the exception of my airport travel, however, it is the beginning of the month and so most of my bill payments will come out this week.


My goals for the year are finally starting to fall into place, I’m coming ever closer to my car savings target, so hopefully by the end of June, I will have a shiny new set of wheels. I’ve also opened my first Stocks and Shares ISA this month and am feeling like a right grown up, so that’s another one to tick off the list.


I’m getting ready to start putting together my Monthly Review for April, so watch this space, that’ll be up in the next few days! - Money Diaries Week 14 April 29

7 thoughts on “Money Diaries: 23rd – 29th April

  1. Great week. Especially when faced with the potential to shop with your grandmother.

    What a great cause for a charity ride. And nice to see vegan becoming a more available option each and every day. I like it just for the fact their are more healthy greens available to chose from instead of a just a boring side salad.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much!

      And Yes! I love seeing veggie options becoming more popular. Vegan friend actually runs a restaurant herself, and in a way, she kind of introduced veggie and vegan food to our wee town. For years she was resigned to being stuck with fries and a side salad when eating out, but it’s becoming more and more common, so I think restaurants just have to adapt. There were 8 of us out for lunch that day, so it’s a fairly big tab to lose if you don’t offer decent meat alternatives!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m pretty amazed by it myself this week tbh, I spent quite a bit last week preparing for my dad and brother visiting though, and he took me out to dinner one night too. I also don’t tend to spend much when visiting Ireland, I stay with my granny as I’m totally the favourite grandchild (I can say that since this is anonymous 😏) and unless she persuades me to go shopping, we spend most of our time just hanging out and doing odd jobs around the house. And she never lets me pay for lunch or dinner when we do go out!
      Love that festival season is starting again, hope you had a great weekend!


    1. Thank you!

      With the S&S ISA, I just felt like I would never fully understand it as much as I want to, so I may as well take the plunge. This is my idea of living life on the edge 😂


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