Money Diaries: November 12th – 18th - Money Diaries November 18th - Inspired by Refinery29

Throughout 2018, I will be tracking every last penny I spend, and sharing it here weekly. I’m a (late) twenty-something lady, living in the North of England with my Other Half, commonly referred to as OH. I travel regularly for work, and often spend more time on the motorway than in my own home, which can often account for my fluctuating Car Expenses and entirely random Grocery costs!  By the end of the year, I’m hoping to have a better overview of where my money goes to each month, and have a realistic long term savings plan in place (as well as the many other savings plans I have in my head, but you can read more about that here). You can also read the full series of my money diaries here.


What a couple of weeks this has been! After having some time off work recently, iI returned to work and it was all about playing catch up. Luckily, I had a couple of quiet days where I was able to work from home and get stuck into some admin, but I’m still amazed by how taking one week off work seems to put you two weeks behind?!

To top it all off, I had a trip to Dublin arranged last weekend for my aunts Big Birthday. Just a flying visit, one night in a 5 star hotel, all expenses paid for the whole family. I enjoyed approximately 3 hours in my fancy room before taking violently ill and being rushed off to A&E, where I ended up spending the next 30 hours, before being admitted to a hospital closer to home.

Several IV’s, blood tests and cancelled flights later, and I finally got back to England a week later.


So overall, I’m most annoyed about missing out on my 5 star treatment and Michelin meal. It’s very unlikely I will have the opportunity to stay somewhere like that again and here I am, having to be sneaked out a fire exit while desperately trying to not throw up 😦

I’m two weeks behind myself writing this post and I can’t decide yet if it’s worth writing one for last week, as I’m fairly sure the majority of the cash I spent went on ice lollies from the hospital shop when I was eventually able to keep that down!


Weekly Spending Review – The Breakdown:

Bills: £0.79 – It’s not often I have a week this quiet for bills, but all I’ve paid out was my iCloud subscription. Although it’s only 79p, I hate paying this as I think iCloud is absolutely rubbish, but as I have an iPhone, it’s the easiest way to transfer my photos etc from my phone to laptop. I actually don’t even really use it for the storage, it’s more of a middle man before I back stuff up on my external hard drive.


Groceries: £21.49 – I did an Aldi run early in the week to stock up on dried pasta, rice, tinned foods and the likes. I usually do this once every few months so we only really need to buy fresh ingredients or items we don’t use often when we do smaller weekly shops.


Expenses/Car Expenses: £53.79 – A fill of diesel and a couple of toll bridge fees. I actually paid the toll bridge a few hours late so I’m still crossing my fingers I don’t get a fine through the post any time soon!


Lunch: £27.27 – I am not happy with this one at all! I only spent 3 days in my office and looking at my spending log, it seems I’m getting myself much to comfortable with the habit of picking up coffees about 40 times a day. With the cold weather really rearing its ugly head in the past couple of weeks, it’s become my default to order a coffee as soon as I arrive at the office, dump my bags at my desk and waste the first 20 minutes of the day warming up and chatting with the cafe staff.

I’ve never been too strict on myself about bringing lunches from home, as long as I don’t take the piss. I’d say last week I well and truly took the piss.


Entertainment: £136.66 – I laid low during the week as I was so busy with work and I was saving myself for my fancy Dublin trip at the weekend. I did however, have to pay the remainder of a hen party cost to one of my friends who is organising it. This was £125, and I’ve already paid £50 a couple of months ago for a deposit.

I’m curious as to what other people spend on hen weekends. This is my first real hen party, most of my friends who have gotten married before now are boys, so I’ve never been invited to the hen (although I’ve done a couple of stags in my time!) I’m more than happy with what we are paying, and not only that, but it’s two of my best friends who are getting married shortly after one another, so have rolled their hen party into one too.

There will be extra costs on top, this covers our accommodation and pre booked activities, but there will be a meal and drinks which are paid separately.

£11.66 of this paid for the single cocktail I managed to enjoy before I was ill at the weekend.


Clothes: £0 – I still haven’t bought any other things on last week’s shopping list, and I very nearly persuaded myself that I needed to buy a nice new outfit for Dublin. I managed to suck it up though, found a dress in my wardrobe that I had actually forgotten I even own, and ended up not needing anything other than pyjamas and a dressing gown anyway!


Health/Toiletries/Beauty: £2.73 – Every single time I fly, I have to pick up a deodorant on the other side as it’s over the liquid limit for hand luggage…it’s just a fact I have come to accept now I will forever be leaving deodorants in all corners of the world.


Takeaways: £0


Travel: £12.06 – My Uber to the airport on Saturday morning, the flights were booked and paid for a couple of months ago, and my mam picked me up on the other side.


Gifts/Charity: £0 – Mam has given money towards a family present for my Aunt, but given my condition, none of us were thinking too much about it and I haven’t paid her for my share yet. My Ma, being my Ma, keeps “forgetting” to send me her bank details so I can transfer, so this probably won’t be paid up until I see her again in person at Christmas!


Misc: £0 - Money Diaries Week 39 (Photo by – Money Diaries Week 39 (Photo by

Total: £254.79

To be Returned on Expenses: £53.79

Actual Spends: £201


See, it really was the most exceptionally boring week ever. I wish I had hilarious tales of the rich and famous of Dublin to regale you all with, but as it stands, I only really have vague recollections about the characters visiting A&E on Saturday night!

I’ll be posting another Money Diaries this weekend as this one is coming late, and given that 4 of those 7 days were spent in hospital, you’d think I wouldn’t have had much of a chance to spend any money…

In fact, it turns out that the post-illness-still-delirious stage is the very best one to start your Christmas shopping online!

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