Net Worth Newbie - net worth newbie

I’ve been following various bloggers tracking their net worth for a couple of years or so. Over the past few months, there seems to have been a little flurry of posts from some of my favourites focusing on net worth.

After reading some of these, I realised that I track literally every other aspect of my financial life, but this was one thing I didn’t have a full grip on. I mean, I had a rough idea, but tracking my net worth on a page in black and white? I am a newbie!


I built a super simple net worth tracker spreadsheet and started on December 8th. I’ll be updating this on the 8th of each month going forward.

All well and good, but the one thing I have struggled with is how exactly to calculate the magic number. There are so many variations on what people think should be included and I can see it from all sides!

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