Money for Nothing? 4 Ways to Earn Cashback as You Shop - Earn Cashback on your Shopping

Over the years, I’ve seen countless adverts for cashback websites.

Cashback credit cards, cashback bank accounts, cashback rewards are everywhere!

I paid very little attention to it in the beginning, assuming it must be a bit of a scam. Surely anything offering to give you free money just for spending money must be a scam, right?

Not necessarily…Now, as I have mentioned before, I am no financial expert. I do not claim to have any qualifications making me the person to trust with your money. I do, however, have a keen eye for saving, and a slight obsession with money in general, and over the years, I’ve built up a fairly useful set of personal financial planning tools.

In the months leading up to buying my apartment, a good work friend had mentioned one day that she had logged into her long forgotten TopCashBack account only to find that she had £300 of cash rewards sitting there waiting to be claimed. My first thoughts? Bullshit.

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